A place from the thousand resources.

The B&B Il cetrangolo is situated near the community Montana of the Picentini Mountains,
in a zone rich in events and places from the characteristic lines that offer the possibility to rediscover the gastronomic traditions and the local tastes. Numerous, in fact, they are the feasts that are developed to Montecorvino and in her fractions, as well as in the outskirtses where possible to taste it is "braciola con il fil di ferro", the ham fellow townsman, rigorously accompanied with the good wines of our zone, the filbert, the caldarrostes and the porky mushrooms
Be dulcis in fundo, who arrives from these parts is not able not to taste, at least once in the life, the True mozzarella of Bufala, from the taste and from the taste inimitable!

Among the events that are developed to Montecorvino and in the outskirtses they are to remember: the "Giffoni Film Festival" in the citadel of the cinema of Plain Giffoni Valle that is found only 5 kilometers by Montecorvino Rovella, "the Festival of the Mozartinis" and the "Montecorvinooperafestival",, demonstrations been just born but that they have seen among the so many employees, the Teacher Uto Ughi, godfather of the first edition of the Festival of the Mozartinis and the half soprano Fiorenza Cossotto president of the jury of the lyric contest, this year to her first edition, guest of our B&B.

Montecorvino Rovella, is also then known for the presence, to the feet of the Nebulano Mountain, of the Astronomic Observatory "Glorious Gian Camillo", stings of reference both for the professionals that for the impassioned ones of astronomy of Campania and over. During the period of activity, in fact, the observatory has been visited by about ten thousand of researchers, impassioned or simple curious. To underline the footsteps before facts in the field of the activity of search culminated in the assignment of the code 229 of the Smaller Planet Center (Cambridge, U.S.A.). The observatory mainly deals him with the monitoraggio of the objects of the band asteroidale, placing side by side to this activity of search that, not secondary in the initial idea of the founders, of the astronomic didactics addressed to students of every order and degree with driven visits and courses of astrophysics and practical astronomy. For further information:
From signal also the numerous museums to be visited to few footsteps from our b&b; for further information

For the recreational activities to little kilometers of distance you can find sweater fields, handling, kartodromo, draught with the arc and swimming pools equipped for the fun of all the ages.

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